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National Service Scheme

National service Scheme has been functioning in the realm of higher education since last four decades.NSS was formally launched on 24th September 1969, the birth centenary year of the Father of the Nation. Therefore, 24 September is celebrated every year as NSS Day with appropriate programmes and activities.

The objective of NSS is educational and service to the community is the activity through which this objective is sought to be achieved. Therefore, the principal aim of NSS is education and the methodology adopted for imparting education is social work. As one of the aims of education is personality development , NSS creates occasions for development of personality of students in several ways.

Basic Concepts and Components

The National Service Scheme was started to establish a meaningful linkage between the campus and the community. Mahatma Gandhi, the father of the Nation, had recognised that the country could not progress in a desired direction until the student youth were motivated to work for the upliftment of the villages /community. Therefore the National reconstruction and National resurgence, it was deemed fit that the students and teachers should be properly sensitised and utilised for strengthening the Indian society as a whole with particular emphasis on rural community. Therefore student youth teachers and the community are considered the three basic components of the National Service Scheme.

NSS Programme Officer

The Programme Officer who is a member of the teaching faculty provides necessary leadership to the NSS volunteers.

NSS Volunteer

The NSS volunteer ,who is a college/+2 level student , is the main beneficiary of the programme by way of development of his/her perception about the community, and development of his/her personality as a whole. Through NSS activities he/she gets a close quarter acquaintance with the community and gets experience of human nature in relation to his/her environment. This is how NSS programme aims to make NSS student youth better citizens through ‘development of their personality through community service’.As per the guidelines issued from time to time an NSS unit should be of 100 students, under the charge of one Programme officer.

The Motto

The Motto of the National Service Scheme is “ NOT ME BUT YOU”.This reflects the essence of democratic living and upholds the need for selfless service.

NSS Symbol

The symbol of National Service Scheme is based on the, Rath Wheel off Konark Sun Temple situated in Odisha.The wheel signifies the progressive cycle of life.


NSS was formally launched on 24th September 1969, the birth centenary year of the Father of the Nation. Therefore 24 September is celebrated every year as NSs Day with appropriate programmes and activities.

N.S.S. Programme Officer

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