diploma in polymer technology diploma in polymer technology
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Diploma in Polymer Technology

Polymer Technology deals with the study of synthesis, processing and testing of different Polymers and polymer products. Materials that are typically classified as polymers include: plastics, rubber, fibers, paints, adhesives, sealants, varnishes and many more. These materials, today, fully control the high technology era and it has become impossible to live life without these products. Industries that are totally dependent on polymers include automotive, pipe, composites, aerospace, music, clothing, medical, building, packaging, foot wear, electrical, electronics and many more.

As a study field, Polymer Technology is not well known among prospective students, but has vast employment potential. There are opportunities in production and production management of manufactured articles such as tyres ,other rubber articles ,moulded plastic articles, paints etc.

The curriculum mainly includes the production, processing and testing of following
Natural Rubber
Synthetic Rubber
Plastic Products
Fibers & Composites
Tyre Technology
Latex Technology

In addition to these a study of various machineries required in polymer industries, Basic Mechanical engineering & Electrical engineering, product design and mould design using CAD are also included in the curriculum. Realising the growing needs of Trained Technologist/Technician in Polymer Industries of various fields, an In-Plant training has been giving to the students in V Semester in reputed firms.

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